DIY Valentine’s Day Gift for #stonerbae

img_5275Need a DIY Valentine’s Day Gift for #stonerbae that they’ll love appreciate and won’t break the bank? Try this simple gift idea for the stoner who appreciates a cute hand crafted gift that not only shows the time and effort you put towards them, but includes the most important things that all stoners appreciate it….free weed! Free for them, not you.


Things you’ll need:

  • Hemp Chord
  • Construction Paper: Choose the color of your partners heart. Is it red….or is it black?!?!
  • Burlap Paper
  • Crayons
  • Mini Baggies
  • Weed (Choose the strain you feel represents your partner)

Here’s a quick one minute video that shows you the process. As for your message, make sure it’s something your #stonerbae will appreciate. One that’s clever, and one that exemplifies what you think of them, only positive thoughts.




P.s If their ungrateful ass doesn’t like it who cares because that’s just more weed for you.