The Resin Joint

One of my latest discoveries this year thus far in the cannabis world has been concentrates. I didn’t really bother with them in the past because I didn’t feel like spending money on one more thing to be able to use it, and it always seemed like a lot for a little.

After seeing my instagram feed filled with images of these beautiful resin draped joints, I decided to give it a try. I enlisted the help of my friendĀ  Chiang to help me document the makings of a resin joint.

Hope you enjoy!



DIY Valentine’s Day Gift for #stonerbae

img_5275Need a DIY Valentine’s Day Gift for #stonerbae that they’ll love appreciate and won’t break the bank? Try this simple gift idea for the stoner who appreciates a cute hand crafted gift that not only shows the time and effort you put towards them, but includes the most important things that all stoners appreciate it….free weed! Free for them, not you.


Things you’ll need:

  • Hemp Chord
  • Construction Paper: Choose the color of your partners heart. Is it red….or is it black?!?!
  • Burlap Paper
  • Crayons
  • Mini Baggies
  • Weed (Choose the strain you feel represents your partner)

Here’s a quick one minute video that shows you the process. As for your message, make sure it’s something your #stonerbae will appreciate. One that’s clever, and one that exemplifies what you think of them, only positive thoughts.




P.s If their ungrateful ass doesn’t like it who cares because that’s just more weed for you.

Peach OG-Strain Review


Flower Type: Indica Dominant

Indica 85% Sativa 15%

THC: 15%-20%

Treatment: Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Pain

Flavor: Peachy, Earthy, Citrus

I first purchased this strain from Cannabicare Collective in Oakland because they have a really good BOGO deal where you buy an eighth of a high end eighth and get another sungrown eighth for free, and I like a good deal. I spoke to a really nice budtender from there who recommended I try Peach OG as it’s a strong indica with all the traits that make indicas great. The relaxed feeling accompanied with a good body buzz.


It doesn’t take much of this strain to get you relaxed. It starts off as a nice head high but melts down into your body to give you that nice relaxed body buzz that makes you feel tingly all over.

I also find when the head high moves down to my body, I’m more focused and more creative. Being high tends to help you relax enough to be creative without being self defeating and thinking all your ideas are stupid. With this strain I’ve found myself thinking of really good ideas without my usual “noooo that’s dumb” voice intervening. It makes me happy and confident.

Also, appearance wise I find it very pretty. It’s a lighter green with orange hairs and crystals all over.

I’d definitely recommend you try this strain if you have a little extra money as it tends to be on the more pricey side, but it’s definitely a purchase you won’t regret.