Relieving the mama

My mom has been very stressed these past few years. From dealing with a 3 month construction job that’s turned into a 3 year project with no end in sight, to being my dad’s primary caretaker, working, she has a lot of things going on. Every time she speaks of all the stressors in her life, I playfully ask her if she wants to smoke. She refuses every time and answers “Why is that your answer to everything?” Because weed is the answer to everything mom!


Even though she will probably never smoke in my lifetime, she was ok with the idea of trying a cannabis topical for the aches in her neck. I asked her if actually brought one would she try it, and she said yes. Finally! Some canna-progress!


I purchased Whoopi and Maya’s “Rub” topical for her from Magnolia Wellness in Oakland. It’s recommended for menstrual aches &pms, but after watching some reviews I learned it’s also good for just aches and pains in general.


It has such a wonderful smell that leaves it scent everywhere. They say to use a liberal amount when rubbing it, but keep in mind being liberal with the topical means leaving it on everything your body touches. I’m talking couches, t-shirts, everything. And it’s just as strong on those things as they are on you.

I asked her how she felt the next morning and she said great. “I think it was your massage” she said, but I think it was both if not solely the topical alone.

It was nice getting her to try something cannabis related and to hopefully show her that cannabis isn’t just forgetting high, but there’s a lot of healing uses to it as well.


I think deep down she knows, but she’s a mom, so she’s not going to ever admit it completely. I’ll take this as a meeting me half way point for now.






Depression is a strange being

There are times now that I’m almost painfully aware of reality. It’s a very strange feeling. I’m aware everything is real, but I also feel like reality is hanging on by a very thin thread of  that can easily be snatched away at anytime, and reveal a completely different reality, universe even.

I know this sounds strange, but I wonder if this is how I’ve always thought, or it’s a anti-depressant side effect, or if the antidepressant is making me more aware of my already way of thinking.

I guess the upside to depression is the creative thinking?

The Resin Joint

One of my latest discoveries this year thus far in the cannabis world has been concentrates. I didn’t really bother with them in the past because I didn’t feel like spending money on one more thing to be able to use it, and it always seemed like a lot for a little.

After seeing my instagram feed filled with images of these beautiful resin draped joints, I decided to give it a try. I enlisted the help of my friend  Chiang to help me document the makings of a resin joint.

Hope you enjoy!


Super Glue-Strain Review



Flower Type: Indica Dominant

Indica 60% Sativa 40%

THC: 23%

Treatment: Stress, Depression,

Flavor: Lemon, Earthy

Super Glue is a great strain for for feeling relaxed and focused. I really like how it starts with a head high that slowly melts down into your shoulders for a bit of a deep tissue massage. It’s supposed to be good for pain, but aside from feeling less tension in my neck and shoulders, I didn’t find that it did much for my menstrual cramps.

After some of the relaxation wears off, I found myself really focused on what I was reading and also coming up with really good ideas for some problems I’d had early in the day.


Me earlier that day: Man I think my wig is too obvious, I don’t know how to fix it.

Me stoned: Just cut off some of the lace front! It’s so obvious!


Problem solved. Thanks Super Glue!

This strain also kept me smiling. Literally. My sister said I actually looked crazy because I was smiling so hard, but then asked if I’d share with her, so I guess she wasn’t that concerned.

Beware, there’s also some serious couch lock with this strain. I had to argue with my body to get up and get ready for the day, so this is probably a good flower to smoke when you’re at home and need to study something.

Definitely recommend this strain for focusing, being happy, and relaxed. I purchased this flower at the Telegraph Health Center in Oakland. Check out there weekend deals. I was able to get a eighth of this strain for only $20.

If you’ve tried it comment letting me know what you think!





Learning to grow

How was your weekend? Mine went well. I shot a proposal, and then I went to a class where they were doing a series on how to grow your own cannabis. I honestly wish I’d been high to some extent when I shot the proposal because keeping a life changing secret is really hard when you can’t tell the person it’s affecting. It’s pretty much like being a doctor.


Yep, this is exactly how it feels to be a doctor.


Back to the growing class, it was held at Magnolia Wellness  in Oakland, where we learned about feeding and growing techniques. It was very interesting and helped demystify the process a bit more for me. I’ve been reading a book by Jorge Cervantes called “The Weed Growing Bible”. It’s supposed to be super easy to digest but I’ve had some difficulty understanding certain parts of the book. I think some things have to be written in the type of wording you’re used t0 in order to really be able to receive the information being given to you. So if you don’t understand something you’re not stupid, you just aren’t used to that type of wording.

The more I read and the more I learn I find that this is probably a overly complicated thing that doesn’t require that much effort. I’m not saying any effort, just not the overwhelming amount you may think it is from all the different resources and content out there. It actually makes me wanna grow more so I can sink or swim.


I ordered seeds and as soon I get them I’ll start keeping a growing journal and will update with pictures along the journey.

Also, if you live in Oakland and looking to learn, check out the classes on Sunday at the Magnolia Wellness center, they’re free!




Depression gets better, even when it feels hopeless.

I felt ugly. I went to the mirror to reassure those feelings,  to accepf that I was ugly. But that’s not what happened. I went to the mirror and noticed all the things I loved about my face. My lips, my cheekbones, my complexion, all beautiful.


It’s been a year since I started therapy. There were times throughout the process that I felt it wasn’t working. That changing your mindset wasn’t something that could really fix it. How can you thoughts fix your depression if it’s caused by a chemical imbalance? I thought anti-depressants would keep me from feeling sad. That wasn’t true either. While they did keep me from hitting rock bottom, the kind of rock bottom that keeps you crying for hours with no end in sight, the kind of rock bottom that keeps you from getting out of bed, the kind of rock bottom that makes you feel ok with dying, it didn’t give me the happiness I thought was automatic with drugs. It didn’t make me numb like I was hoping either. Because why feel anything at all?

But this photo proves therapy is working, my anti-depressants, as well as my cannabis, has their purpose, and that happiness isn’t something you just get, it’s something you have to work on. Even though you have moments of sadness, they’re only temporary. People get sad, it’s ok. You’re not weak, you’re not crazy, you’re human.

As I looked in the mirror to assure myself I was ugly, something happened. My initial thoughts of self loathing started shifting with more positive affirmations. And then the final thought came that shut all of them up.

“You’re not ugly, and stop trying to convince yourself otherwise. Nothing good will come of this. Get out of the damn bathroom and work on something productive.”

So I did. I took this picture and kept it moving. 

DIY Valentine’s Day Gift for #stonerbae

img_5275Need a DIY Valentine’s Day Gift for #stonerbae that they’ll love appreciate and won’t break the bank? Try this simple gift idea for the stoner who appreciates a cute hand crafted gift that not only shows the time and effort you put towards them, but includes the most important things that all stoners appreciate it….free weed! Free for them, not you.


Things you’ll need:

  • Hemp Chord
  • Construction Paper: Choose the color of your partners heart. Is it red….or is it black?!?!
  • Burlap Paper
  • Crayons
  • Mini Baggies
  • Weed (Choose the strain you feel represents your partner)

Here’s a quick one minute video that shows you the process. As for your message, make sure it’s something your #stonerbae will appreciate. One that’s clever, and one that exemplifies what you think of them, only positive thoughts.




P.s If their ungrateful ass doesn’t like it who cares because that’s just more weed for you.

Don’t let your inability to roll a joint keep you from rolling a joint.

Yes, I do smoke weed a lot of the time, because as I mentioned in my  about section, it helps to keep me balanced, happy and focused, but alas, I’m not well versed in the art of joint rolling. That’s ok, because it’s 2017 and the world has so many options for us poor pathetic excuses for stoners. There’s vapes, there’s travel sized bongs, Pinterest for DIY bongs when you’re in a pinch, the list goes on and on. But if you’d like to roll a joint and aren’t able to do it the ol’ fashion way, here’s some products that you may find helpful.

Rolling Joint Machines

Keep in mind that even though I smoke, I am also new to a lot of cannabis practices that have been happening for ages. I’m not sure how long the RAW joint rolling contraption has been available, but I’m very happy I discovered it.

So I had a little trouble with this, but that’s probably because I skimmed through the instructions because I hate instructions. I find my self skimming to get to the good part which usually leads me to the end and then I realize maybe I should just start over and actually read what it says.

But I didn’t do any of that. I went on youtube because I’m a proud VISUAL learner and I like seeing how things are done versus reading about them.

“Why does the fucking raw tent material thingy keep coming up” is a question I asked myself over and over after each failed attempt. It was simple, I wasn’t using enough flower. If you’re a cheap bitch like myself you best throw caution into wind and build that shit up. This is not the time to start rationing shit out. The more you put the better I found the sleeve stayed in place without popping up.

I also brought some crutches, aka pre-rolled tip because I really don’t like manual labor. It’s not for me. Make sure to put that in before you add the flower as that’s the CRUTCH of your joint (I’ll be here all night.) After doing both steps bring the bottom wheel back into place and start rolling forward.

After rolling it and making sure the flower is packed tightly together in the shape of a cigarette, add paper. I licked both sides of the paper as it was sticking out from the rollers because I couldn’t figure out which one to lick, making my joint loose. Like my vagina, I prefer my joints tight. Because nothing makes you feel more womanly than being able to crush a penis with the very part of your body that expels life.  But you can’t use yoni eggs for joints after they’ve been created so you’re only left with the choice to do it right the first time.

Make sure to roll the paper in there for a good while to make sure joint is tightly wound. After that, bring the bottom part back down to open it and you’ll find a beautiful joint waiting for your consumption.

Here’s a short one minute video that should help you:


Maybe you don’t want a joint rolling machine. Maybe you just can’t with any extra steps and want the cone pre-made for you.Which brings me to RAW Cones. Omg, before I discovered vapes, this was my favorite go to for smoking. They’re already ready to be packed with your strain of choice, and they even have a built in crutch. YASSSSSS!!!! COME THROUGH RAW!!!!


How to do it man I gave up on being manual along time when it came to joint rolling. I’ve actually given up on a lot of things but that’s not really relevant. I will definitely try again in the future, but at this moment these practices suit me just fine. If you don’t wanna embrace technology for the beautiful gifts it’s bestowed upon us, that’s totally fine. But I can’t help you because I’m shit at rolling joints.

*Dances away vaudeville style*

Peach OG-Strain Review


Flower Type: Indica Dominant

Indica 85% Sativa 15%

THC: 15%-20%

Treatment: Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Pain

Flavor: Peachy, Earthy, Citrus

I first purchased this strain from Cannabicare Collective in Oakland because they have a really good BOGO deal where you buy an eighth of a high end eighth and get another sungrown eighth for free, and I like a good deal. I spoke to a really nice budtender from there who recommended I try Peach OG as it’s a strong indica with all the traits that make indicas great. The relaxed feeling accompanied with a good body buzz.


It doesn’t take much of this strain to get you relaxed. It starts off as a nice head high but melts down into your body to give you that nice relaxed body buzz that makes you feel tingly all over.

I also find when the head high moves down to my body, I’m more focused and more creative. Being high tends to help you relax enough to be creative without being self defeating and thinking all your ideas are stupid. With this strain I’ve found myself thinking of really good ideas without my usual “noooo that’s dumb” voice intervening. It makes me happy and confident.

Also, appearance wise I find it very pretty. It’s a lighter green with orange hairs and crystals all over.

I’d definitely recommend you try this strain if you have a little extra money as it tends to be on the more pricey side, but it’s definitely a purchase you won’t regret.