Mission Statement:
To normalize the cannabis lifestyle while featuring vegan food to handle the munchies.

Why I started using cannabis:
I started using cannabis for my mental health. When I was younger I was the “cool” kid walking around parties  (well that one party really, I wasn’t cool enough to attend multiple parties) with my D.A.R.E shirt, looking down on the kids who were smoking thinking how low they were, and how I was better than all of them because I didn’t smoke, even though I was an average C student, but I digress. Fast forward to about 10 years later and I’m now suffering from depression, anxiety attacks, and just a overall hopelessness about life. It came to a point where one night I woke up in the middle of the night, thinking I was having a heart attack when actually I was just having a really bad anxiety attack. That following morning I went and got my cannabis card, smoked some Purple Rain from Oakland Organnics, and slept like a baby, and 3 days later after smoking that one time, I realized how much better, relaxed, and less anxious I felt.

I’d like to apologize to all the kids I judged about weed, you guys were on to something, and I was 16 with the mind of a 60 year old baby boomer judging you all.

So now I smoke regularly to help control my depression and anxiety. The right strains help me focus and not sweat the small stuff. So I’m very thankful  to live in an age where cannabis is not only (somewhat) legal, but accessible in safe informative environments, aka dispensaries. It feels less taboo and it makes me feel ok with doing it, even though sometimes I’m still scared people will judge me. But hey, that’s not my problem. You hear that mom?!?!

Why I became a vegan:
So I really really hate rape. Like I’ve never liked it at all, which isn’t exactly a hard thing as a woman to not like, but yep, I hate it. I hadn’t planned on becoming a vegan, it just hit me. Well actually my friend Christabel sent me this short (Yes! No 20 minute TED vegan talk!) video from Erin Janus called “Dairy is f*ckin scary” about how cows are basically raped for their milk, and other cruel things that happen to animals in the meat/dairy industry. Honestly I was ok with everything else, like as a meat either I just told myself that it was a food chain decision, and us humans we’re on top and that the poor little cows would just have to boss up or deal with it. But after watching that video I wasn’t ok with any of it. I wasn’t ok with any living being being raped, tortured, having their babies taken from them, all for the sake of another species. So that’s what happened. Now I’m vegan.

The only thing is I really hate cooking. And unfortunately you can be a unhealthy vegan. So I’m using this blog to hold me accountable to eat better while also getting me in the routine of cooking for myself, rather than smoking and ordering from Uber Eats.