Relieving the mama

My mom has been very stressed these past few years. From dealing with a 3 month construction job that’s turned into a 3 year project with no end in sight, to being my dad’s primary caretaker, working, she has a lot of things going on. Every time she speaks of all the stressors in her life, I playfully ask her if she wants to smoke. She refuses every time and answers “Why is that your answer to everything?” Because weed is the answer to everything mom!


Even though she will probably never smoke in my lifetime, she was ok with the idea of trying a cannabis topical for the aches in her neck. I asked her if actually brought one would she try it, and she said yes. Finally! Some canna-progress!


I purchased Whoopi and Maya’s “Rub” topical for her from Magnolia Wellness in Oakland. It’s recommended for menstrual aches &pms, but after watching some reviews I learned it’s also good for just aches and pains in general.


It has such a wonderful smell that leaves it scent everywhere. They say to use a liberal amount when rubbing it, but keep in mind being liberal with the topical means leaving it on everything your body touches. I’m talking couches, t-shirts, everything. And it’s just as strong on those things as they are on you.

I asked her how she felt the next morning and she said great. “I think it was your massage” she said, but I think it was both if not solely the topical alone.

It was nice getting her to try something cannabis related and to hopefully show her that cannabis isn’t just forgetting high, but there’s a lot of healing uses to it as well.


I think deep down she knows, but she’s a mom, so she’s not going to ever admit it completely. I’ll take this as a meeting me half way point for now.






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