Super Glue-Strain Review



Flower Type: Indica Dominant

Indica 60% Sativa 40%

THC: 23%

Treatment: Stress, Depression,

Flavor: Lemon, Earthy

Super Glue is a great strain for for feeling relaxed and focused. I really like how it starts with a head high that slowly melts down into your shoulders for a bit of a deep tissue massage. It’s supposed to be good for pain, but aside from feeling less tension in my neck and shoulders, I didn’t find that it did much for my menstrual cramps.

After some of the relaxation wears off, I found myself really focused on what I was reading and also coming up with really good ideas for some problems I’d had early in the day.


Me earlier that day: Man I think my wig is too obvious, I don’t know how to fix it.

Me stoned: Just cut off some of the lace front! It’s so obvious!


Problem solved. Thanks Super Glue!

This strain also kept me smiling. Literally. My sister said I actually looked crazy because I was smiling so hard, but then asked if I’d share with her, so I guess she wasn’t that concerned.

Beware, there’s also some serious couch lock with this strain. I had to argue with my body to get up and get ready for the day, so this is probably a good flower to smoke when you’re at home and need to study something.

Definitely recommend this strain for focusing, being happy, and relaxed. I purchased this flower at the Telegraph Health Center in Oakland. Check out there weekend deals. I was able to get a eighth of this strain for only $20.

If you’ve tried it comment letting me know what you think!






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