Learning to grow

How was your weekend? Mine went well. I shot a proposal, and then I went to a class where they were doing a series on how to grow your own cannabis. I honestly wish I’d been high to some extent when I shot the proposal because keeping a life changing secret is really hard when you can’t tell the person it’s affecting. It’s pretty much like being a doctor.


Yep, this is exactly how it feels to be a doctor.


Back to the growing class, it was held at Magnolia Wellness  in Oakland, where we learned about feeding and growing techniques. It was very interesting and helped demystify the process a bit more for me. I’ve been reading a book by Jorge Cervantes called “The Weed Growing Bible”. It’s supposed to be super easy to digest but I’ve had some difficulty understanding certain parts of the book. I think some things have to be written in the type of wording you’re used t0 in order to really be able to receive the information being given to you. So if you don’t understand something you’re not stupid, you just aren’t used to that type of wording.

The more I read and the more I learn I find that this is probably a overly complicated thing that doesn’t require that much effort. I’m not saying any effort, just not the overwhelming amount you may think it is from all the different resources and content out there. It actually makes me wanna grow more so I can sink or swim.


I ordered seeds and as soon I get them I’ll start keeping a growing journal and will update with pictures along the journey.

Also, if you live in Oakland and looking to learn, check out the classes on Sunday at the Magnolia Wellness center, they’re free!





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